Into Oblivion

by Morthus

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released October 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Morthus Gera, Germany

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Track Name: Into Oblivion
When hate and greed are ascending
Darkness embraces - the world got burned
The warriors of Satan are spreading
For conquering they return

The inner demon will always be leading
'cause it is driven by fear and despair
Your flawless soul is wounded and bleeding
For death you cannot prepare

All light and hope are dead, have already gone
Have faded into oblivion
Death and conquest are won
You are abandoned in oblivion

Darkness is crowned to be the new king
Apocalypse is approaching
Light and divinity are fading away
'til blood and tears are floating

All light and hope [...]

Beliar reaches those who are weak
And pursues even greater might
He offers immortality we seek
Flesh and bone are wasted tonight

All light and hope [...]

All light and hope have gone
Have faded into oblivion
Track Name: Blinded by the Holy Light
Blinded - by the holy light

Obedience and faith always mean decay
'cause death will rise anyway
When this day will finally arrive
God will watch and cheer for your demise

God's unholy glow is blinding you
Is leading you into misguiding gloom
You are blinded by the holy light anew
Finally your faith will seal your doom

Neither remorse nor mercy will redeem
No principles will lead to your salvation
Staring at the glow of the holy light
Will only cause eternal damnation

God's unholy glow [...]

At the end of life there won't be a paradise
Not even god is waiting there
Eternal hellfire and freezing ice
Are everybody's only destination

Obedience and faith [...]

God's unholy glow [...] (2x)
Track Name: Eternal Epidemic
The religious fanatics are full of pride
But we are fighting - side by side
Our army is made of pure pain
And we intend an absolute reign

We fight this eternal combat
In the name of our Lord
Darkness and death we spread
Against religion's driving force

Satan, almighty god - your glory is sublime
We will crush the eternal epidemic
Satan, almighty god - your glory is sublime
False convictions vanish at the end of time

We are sending our forces against the light
So death and destruction shall arise
We're aiming for infinite might
Combat - until illusion dies

We fight [...]
Satan, almighty [...]

Our crusade of death is near completion
So we prepare for the eternal reign
Neither sorrow nor mercy will be shown
Because each religion is insane

We fight [...]
Satan, almighty [...]
Track Name: Symphony of the Black Death
Hear my Symphony!

For centuries you've defamed my name
The end of hypocrisy is my first claim
My plague will arise, will steal all your breath
This is my symphony of the Black Death

The process of cleansing has begun
Soon all scum will be gone
Suffering is caused by my disease
A journey into silence and peace
This is my symphony
My symphony of the Black Death

Hear my Symphony!

Anyway, I won't hear you shout
Experience what your demise is about
Hence I won't see your tears
Soon my vengeance will conquer all your fears

The process of cleansing [...]

Fear me! As you feared your God
Obey me! As you obeyed the Lord
Trust me! God will be sacrificed
Hail me! 'cause I'm the Antichrist

This is my Symphony! A symphony against disloyalty
This is my Symphony! The symphony of the Black Death

Fear me! [...]